Order by Aldworth James & Bond, illuminated by Applelec for CDW Festival

At Clerkenwell Design Week 2017, Applelec illuminated St John's Gate installation Order by creative build specialists Aldworth James & Bond.

Using the octagonal form inspired by the Cross of St John, the glowing Corian structure celebrated the arch as a gateway to the design festival, and its design was firmly rooted in the rich history of Clerkenwell. 

Applelec supplied SloanLED PosterBOX 3 LED modules to light Order from below and provide emphasis to the geometry of the structure. Light was an instrument to connect Order to the archway by creating a pattern of light and shadow flowing from its octagonal construction.

Tim Hill, creative director at Aldworth James & Bond said: 'When we were working on the design concept for Order, we wanted to make sure that the centre octagon, which is on its own in the middle, was illuminated. Not only did this effectively draw the eye into the structure but also highlighted the beauty of Corian.'

Glowing from within, light was used to change and transform Order and help the viewer to discover different geometric forms created within Order. Once darkness fell, illumination further altered the relationship between Order and its environment.

Order pushed the boundaries of component based digital fabrication by forming 145 700mm Corian octagons that connected together in nine sections, forming a unique multidimensional structure. It measured almost three metres in height, and over five metres in length. The material's strength was integral to Order, and truly showcased the versatility and benefits of using Corian as a structural element in manufacture.

Photography: Tom Donald for Aldworth James & Bond


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