Solder Sleeves

Adhesive-lined heat shrinking solder sleeves

Consisting of a transparent, heat-shrinkable sleeve and fluxed solder, Applelec’s Solder Sleeves feature coloured hot-melting glue which is applied to each end of the sleeve.

Providing a tough and long lasting waterproof seal, four sleeve sizes are available with the internal diameters 1.7mm, 2.7mm, 4.5mm and 6.0mm.

Operating temperature range

To use the sleeves, insert stripped cables into the sleeves and heat with a hot air gun. This melts the solder and shrinks the heat shrink tubing, sealing the connection. Solder sleeves are available from Applelec in packs of 1000 in four different sizes. IP67, RoHS.

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Key Features

  • Shrink ratio 2:1
  • Available in four sleeve sizes
  • Waterproof wiring splices
  • Transparent sleeve allows inspection
  • Controlled soldering process

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