SloanLED's FlexiBRITE is a high performance, architectural lighting product that houses powerful LEDs. This extremely flexible, LED neon system can be easily shaped to create striking contour lighting.

FlexiBRITE's pliable tubing is produced from an optically modified silicone which can be bent in a flat bend of 25mm and a radial bend to 305mm. The product can be used across a variety of illumination projects such as architectural, perimeter, canopy and signage lighting.

SloanLED's FlexiBRITE can be shaped and cut on site and is supplied with convenient mounting clips and tracks for ease of installation. The product's flexible construction is hard wearing, UV resistant and non-fading. FlexiBRITE is CE and RoHS compliant and the encapsulated linear LED system carries an IP66 protection class, ensuring suitability for internal and external applications.

FlexiBRITE LED colour options include, red, orange, yellow, green and blue. All product tubing features a neutral non-illuminated cover colour with the exception of FlexiBRITE in red which features a red tubing cover and LEDs. The premium quality of the SloanLED modules provides powerful illumination and low power consumption of just 9.2W per meter.

Applelec is an official UK distributor for SloanLED

Our focus on energy efficient LED signage means every SloanLED sign quote supplied by Applelec features a calculation of the sign's projected energy use as standard.

Key Features

  • Extremely flexible LED tubing with two bending directions
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Red, orange, yellow, green and blue colour options
  • IP66 rated for outdoor use
  • 5 year system warranty when used with SloanLED power supplies

Case Study:
Newman Displays have retrofitted exterior signage and lightboxes at The Prince of Wales Theatre with LED Light Sheet


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