NeonLux LED Lettering

Create stunning branding with our robust, acrylic LED lettering range
The NeonLux range features embedded LEDs which are available in a choice of LED and acrylic colour options. A wide range of font styles can be created with the lettering range, which features intense illumination whilst being a highly energy efficient LED product. 
Available in bull nose, chiselled and flat face options, the range combines sophisticated construction techniques with an elegant finish for illuminated lettering, imaginative designs and logos. The range can be created with optional finishes including, vinyl coating, painting to any RAL/3 digit pantone reference, as well as a highly polished finish to replicate the effect of glass neon.
Providing maximum lifetime efficacy, thermally managed LEDs are securely embedded within a cut block acrylic letter, which run cool to the touch and create bright and clear illumination without spotting, enabling the NeonLux range to be positioned safely at low level. 
Featuring a choice of illumination effects, the range can be created with face, halo, side and key-line illumination along with various combinations of these styles. LED colour options include cool white, warm white, red, green, yellow, orange, blue and RGB (colour-changing).
Through clever fabrication, the NeonLux range can achieve an incredibly narrow face profile width of just 3mm for some lettering options, by carefully shaping the sides of the letters. Created in standardised, block acrylic thicknesses of 25mm and 30mm, the uniquely sealed letters can be constructed with a maximum IP67 protection rating for interior as well else exterior applications and are supplied individually or mounted onto signage manufactured by Applelec. 
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Key Features

  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Thermally managed LEDs for low level installations
  • High quality LEDs deliver bright and clear illumination
  • Sophisticated finish and robust lettering for eye level signage
  • 2 year warranty on LEDs and letters

Case Study:
Smart way-finding signage leads the way at the Termon Complex


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