Newman Displays have retrofitted exterior signage and lightboxes at The Prince of Wales Theatre with LED Light Sheet

The decision to replace the theatre’s fluorescent tubes with LED Light Sheet was made both for aesthetic reasons and to improve the energy efficiency of the signage and branding system. The LED Light Sheet signage draws 1510W against the 9904W of the previous system to deliver an annual reduction of almost 73,500kWh, a drop of 85%. Representing an annual saving of £3,500 to the theatre’s energy bill, the system reduces maintenance costs into the bargain.

Ian Drinkwater, Applelec’s managing director, comments: ‘The retrofitted system employs newly launched Series 2 LED Light Sheet which is 20% brighter than our first generation panels. This great project highlights the versatility of LED Light Sheet and the energy savings possible with this light system in comparison to fluorescent tubes.’

Bright, even illumination to the projecting signage and light-boxes was the primary objective of the project with controversial musical, The Book of Mormon, recently debuting at the theatre. The venue’s large, four metre square, light-box and entrance door-streamer are curved fixtures which have been illuminated by faceting multiple panels of LED Light Sheet; a technique that’s often employed to illuminate large curved installations.

Mark Hollington, of Newman Displays, remembers: ‘The Prince of Wales Theatre light-box refurbishment, for incoming show The Book of Mormon, required crisp and clean white signage illumination. Changing from fluorescent lighting to LED Light Sheet has resulted in greatly reduced maintenance concerns, all-important reduced running costs and lower emissions. We’re extremely proud of our work in the industry and look forward to working with LED Light Sheet in the future to illuminate London’s West End.’

Credits: Images courtesy of Newman Displays

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