LED Illuminated Letters

LED Illuminated letters of all styles can be created at Applelec with illumination provided by a well-stocked and varied LED module range. Halo illuminated letters, face illuminated letters and side or return illuminated letters are created every day at Applelec, but we provide a number of more unusual options too.

Applelec supplies cabochon LED bulbs for creating fairground style shapes, letters and signage suitable for both internal and external applications. Particularly suited to retail and leisure applications, LED cabochon bulb letters and signage provide the retro look of vintage amusement lighting but with the long life and low energy of LED.

From colour-changing illuminated letters programmed to run through pre-selected or bespoke sequences to our playful Domino Logomax LED letters which create push-through letter styles that resemble fairground signage, Applelec can create unique, high performance illuminated signage to make any brand stand out.

Our technical department tests each LED module used in the creation of our illuminated built-up letters with a variety of acrylics, letter depths, widths and shapes to ensure LED modules are calculated accurately to achieve bright, evenly lit letters. We ensure our illuminated letters are never under or over populated with LEDs in order to deliver specified results at the most efficient price.

From small sized letters to those over a metre in height, illuminated letters created in our factories have graced sports stadiums, the shop fronts of national brands, commercial sites, bars, restaurants and hotels across the country.

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