Nothing stays the same in the world of LEDs. Applelec is pleased to announce the next generation of LED Light Sheet has arrived with the launch of the 20% brighter Series 2 panels.

Achieving a magnificent brightness increase of 20% for both standard and high brightness panels, LED Light Sheet has been dramatically improved. Furthermore, due to advances in LED technology, Series 2 LED Light Sheet achieves this brightness increase without compromising the energy efficiency of the panels. Indeed, testing on 300mm square, cool white panels showed a minute increase of just 0.12W in both the standard and high brightness units in comparison to their Series 1 counterparts.

Ian Drinkwater, Applelec’s managing director explains: ‘We have taken steps to deliver notable improvements to LED Light Sheet – achieving an enormous 20% increase to brightness without increase to energy consumption. Better still, this advanced panel will be available with absolutely no price increase and, of course, all panels are created with pride in our Yorkshire factories and supplied with a 3 year warranty.’

In addition to the impressive brightness increase, Series 2 LED Strips feature a wider chip platform which reduces the dark areas to the side of each illuminated chip. This new design feature further enhances the performance of Series 2 LED Light Sheet.

Cool white (5300K) LED strips are now in stock with warm white (3700K and other white colour temperature) LEDs following soon for use in Applelec’s LED Light Sheet manufacture. Next generation panels are now being used in all LED Light Sheet fabricated signage including projecting, totem and fascia signs. For further information, please get in touch.

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