Lumen Maintenance LED Passes LM-80 Test

LEDs used within LED Light Sheet have passed LM-80 testing - the approved method for measuring lumen maintenance of LED light sources. The test measures LED performance at three separate temperatures (55⁰C, 85⁰C and 96⁰C) over 6000 hours relating to in-situ conditions of the LED.

With a multitude of LED products on the market - many with outlandish LED lifetime claims - the LM-80 test was created by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) to measure lumen maintenance of LED packages and modules. Lumen maintenance refers to the number of hours a light source remains ‘useful’ before its output diminishes to 70%. The LM-80 standard was created to ensure manufacturers test lumen maintenance consistently and requires a minimum of 6000 hours testing at various temperatures. Whilst LM-80 is a tool that can be used to help analyse LED products, it does not provide any calculations beyond the data contained within the test.

Such calculations are made with the TM-21 report which is the standardised way to use LM-80 data to make consistent lifetime projections beyond the 6000 hour test period. The TM-21 test officially caps the number of hours that can be predicted from the LM-80 data to a maximum of 6x the hours tested.

TM-21 projections indicate an L70 lifetime for LEDs used within LED Light Sheet at 36,000 hours, in accordance with the maximum 6x 6000 hour extrapolation of the report. The TM-21 report on LEDs used within LED Light Sheet has been validated by NISA (National Institute of Standards & Technology, United States).

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