Applelec generates energy with solar panels at Leeds and Bradford factories

Applelec has installed solar panels at both its Leeds and Bradford factories in order to reduce energy costs and the company’s carbon footprint.

The solar PV panels were installed by G&H Sustainability as part of the UK Government's Feed-In Tariffs scheme (FITs). 33 roof mounted solar panels have been installed at Applelec’s Bradford headquarters and 120 panels in Leeds with the amount of CO2 emissions avoided expected to be 6049kg in Bradford and 21420kg in Leeds per annum.

Applelec managing director, Ian Drinkwater, said: ‘As well as saving Applelec money on our energy use,the two factories boast a total saving of 27,469kg of carbon annually. This is roughly the equivalent of burning 108,184 pounds of coal with the avoidance of CO2 emissions that result from burning fossil fuels.’

The solar panel performance across Applelec’s two plants is easily monitored online by Solar-Log. Solar loggers installed at both factories show that on a sunny day, when panels will be generating energy at peak performance, the Bradford plant can generate 8.25kWp whereas the larger plant in Leeds generates a maximum of 29.97kWp.

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