Logomax Face Lit Letters

Make face illuminated letters stand out with our protruding Logomax system

Face lit letters designed with Logomax LEDs offer an unexpected alternative to standard styles of face lit letter.

These colourful modules are each encased in resin to create a sealed circular unit which is pushed through the letter face to create a protruding 180° half-sphere of light. Arranged in rows or patterns across the letter face, and even the letter returns, these small LED modules create distinctly fun looking illuminated letters.

Colour options include, white, warm white, amber, orange, red, pink, blue and green with LEDs pre-wired in undividable banks of six. Module colours can be mixed to achieve varied illumination effects across the face of the letter including alternating stripes of colour or rainbow designs. A controller can be added to create light animation such as flashing and twinkling effects or to dim the modules.

Logomax Face lit letters are created by pushing the modules individually through holes in the material chosen for the letter face including acrylic, aluminium or composite sheet with a thickness of 1mm to 4mm. With ease of installation and wiring, each Logomax LED is encapsulated in coloured resin to provide an IP66 rating and ensure modules are suitable for exterior and interior use.

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Key Features

  • Create unique face illuminated signage
  • White, warm white, amber, orange, red, pink, blue and green
  • Power supply: 24v
  • 3 year warranty on both the modules and power supplies

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