Built-up Standard Metal Letters

Standard metal built-up letters bring visual status to signage and branding

Manufactured in our metal letter workshop, Applelec’s standard finish suits the larger built-up letter or logo projects destined to be mounted above eye level and at the top of the highest structures.

A key piece of machinery at the heart of Applelec's metal built-up letter production is an automated return shaper (called Delilah), a specialised piece of equipment located at our new signs factory. The machine is programmed using vector artwork to produce metal letters with a variety of return sizes ranging from 20mm to 120mm.

The machine is fed with coiled metal in stainless steel and aluminium and requires just one operator conversant with letter making techniques to manage the process; saving time and resources.

The machine is particularly efficient when multiple letter sizes are required for a cohesive project or roll out, with the automated machinery already utilised in several national roll outs with internationally known brands. Once shaped, the returns are hand assembled with a metal letter face and can be delivered at this raw stage or finished according to specification with paint and polishing processes. The built-up metal letter range can be created with the addition of LED illumination or with preserved, living moss, which is securely embedded into the sunken faces.

Applelec’s standard stainless steel, aluminium and brass letters are effective when mounted to our fabricated fascia signage or installed individually with disguised mounting systems.

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Credits: Images courtesy of The Sign Maker Woking (Brasserie Rhone) and Skyltgruppen AB (DOCH). 

Key Features

  • Styles include flat faced, rim and return, rimless, prismatic / bevelled
  • Available in stainless steel, aluminium and brass
  • 20mm-120mm returns shaped by our letter machine in seconds
  • Available as basic mill finish or fully constructed letters
  • Illumination from our stocked range of LEDs available

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