NeonLux LED Sign

Create Impactful Signage With Applelec’s Faux Neon LED Letter Range, NeonLux LED
Why Faux Neon?
Replicating the appearance of traditional neon, fake neon or faux neon is a safer, more robust system and is virtually maintenance free. 
Applelec’s faux neon range is manufactured from block acrylic providing a studier alternative to fragile, glass neon. With thermally managed LEDs the faux neon system runs cool to the touch, making the illuminated signage ideal for low level installation. 
The high performing LEDs deliver intense and even illumination, whilst being a highly energy efficient LED product, that helps to keep running costs low.
Design Possibilities with Applelec’s NeonLux
Applelec’s faux neon signage is extremely versatile and can be manufactured in a variety of style options including, chiselled, flat faced or bull nose. The LED faux neon can be manufactured with a range of finishes which include, vinyl coating or paint and can be created with a high polished finished to mirror the appearance of traditional neon glass.
The premium manufactured, fake neon signage is made to bespoke specifications and can accommodate a range of client requirements from complex graphic shapes for brand logos to tradition, neon lettering replications for corporate identity. 
Embedded with low voltage LEDs, the faux neon range can be manufactured with a choice of illumination styles as well as LED colour options and effects including, colour changing to create striking illuminated signage.
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Key Features

  • Manufactured from block acrylic for a safe, robust illuminated sign
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Features high performing, thermally managed LEDs
  • Faux neon range can be manufactured to bespoke specification
  • Low voltage LEDs provide energy efficient sign system

Case Study:
Harrisons Signs select Applelec to create built up letters for Nestle's living wall


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