HALO Illuminated Letters

Create angelic letters with the addition of halo illumination

Halo illumination creates a soft glow of light around a built-up metal or acrylic letter as LEDs are positioned to shine out from the reverse of the letter.

Used alone or in combination with a face lit effect, halo illumination adds sophistication to a sign project whether mounted to a sign tray panel, fascia or substrate or installed individually. When added to a letter with a non-illuminated face, halo illumination brings clarity and definition to the letter and is often selected for letters with a shallow depth or small sign sizes.

Halo lit letters are most commonly specified with white LEDs which feature a warm white or cool white colour temperature. Controllers can be added to dim or brighten the light of the LEDs according to the intensity of the halo effect required, which may need to be discrete for some corporate signage. Applelec’s built-up metal and acrylic letters are created in our workshops where LEDs are fitted by our experienced installation team.

Popular with hotels, spas, restaurants and other leisure facilities are wall mounted halo illuminated letters which pick out the detail of the wall surface, such as stone or slate cladding, to create attractive light and shadow effects.

Once constructed, our halo illuminated letters can be secured to a sign tray panel or other fixing system or supplied individually for mounting as required.

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Credits: Images courtesy of M4 UK Ltd (Chesterfield College).

Key Features

  • Interior or exterior halo illuminated letters
  • Perfect for shallow depth letters or small sign sizes.
  • Modules calculated according to letter size and shape
  • No modules wasted, no letters under populated
  • Choose from LED range including ECA compliant modules

Case Study:
Harrisons Signs select Applelec to create built up letters for Nestle's living wall


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