Freestanding Mobile Display Stands

Freestanding display stands for illuminated poster displays

The VM Mobile Stand, VM Mobile Stand Easy Clip and VM Box are our freestanding and portable display solutions. Easy to assemble, their compact and lightweight designs offer a convenient and unique way to display messages and advertising, making them perfect for businesses on the move.

VM Mobile Stand:

Offering multiple display combinations, the VM Mobile Stand has been designed for use with our I Max frames in A4 portrait and landscape orientations and in A3 portrait orientations. The I Max poster frames are screwed onto the stand to create a stable display solution which delivers power to illuminate the frames through the structure of the stand. The LED light boxes can be mounted to the straight or angled elevation of the stand and once illuminated, create an impactful display on an eye-catching mobile stand.

Compatible LED display frames: I Max

VM Mobile Stand Easy Clip:

The VM Mobile Stand Easy Clip can create a number of different display frame configurations, due to its clip on/off mounting system design. The compact unit is transportable thanks to its lightweight build and its construction enables quick and unproblematic assembling and disassembling without the need for tools. The VM Mobile Stand Easy Clip creates impressive and memorable displays.

Compatible LED display frames: VM Two Clip and VM Super Light

VM Box:

With the option to display up to ten LED poster frames, the VM Box creates stunning displays. VM Box is easy to assemble and dissemble, without the need for tools, making this unit a highly practical display solution. VM Box can be customised to reflect customer branding by personalising the colour of the base and adding a company logo. The display unit is available in two base heights of 27cm and 37cm and as an additional option; an integrated motor can be installed, allowing the display column to automatically turn by 180 degrees.

Compatible LED display frames: VM Two Clip and VM Super Light

VM Stand 180:

The VM Stand 180 has been designed for use with the VM Two Clip A2 frame, offering high luminosity and instantly impactful displays. This freestanding unit's hybrid mounting system enables the frame to be positioned by hand in either landscape or portrait orientations and tilted from 0-180 degrees. The unit's column can be personalised with company names or logos to further help reflect and strengthen customer branding. 

Compatible LED display frames: VM Two Clip 

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Key Features

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compact design
  • Choose from different stand styles
  • Designed for businesses on the move
  • Supplied with a 2 year warranty

Case Study:
Smart way-finding signage leads the way at the Termon Complex


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