LED Ribbon Light

LED ribbon light creates flexible architectural lighting installations

LED Ribbon Light, also called LED ribbon or LED tape, is designed for path and contour marking and can be used to edge light transparent and diffused materials, illuminate signage or create long linear light features.

Incorporating a flexible circuit board and cutting-edge SMD LED technology, LED Ribbon Light is available in warm white (3000K-3100K) and ‘pure’ or cool white (6100k-6500K) Kelvin colour temperatures. Drawing just 7.2 watts per metre, our led tape light is an energy efficient solution which runs on 12v DC.

Available in five metre reels, the LED strip can be cut every 50mm (every three LEDs) to deliver installation flexibility.

The self adhesive 3M VHB tape pre-applied to the rear of the LED ribbon makes installation simple whilst the 8mm width of the strip means the ribbon can be fitted into tight spaces that would otherwise be impossible to illuminate. Indeed, this flexible LED light strip ensures complex signage and structures or objects with convex, concave and other curved surfaces can be easily illuminated.

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Key Features

  • Warm or cool white colour temperature
  • Draws 7.2 watts per metre
  • Available in five metre reels
  • Working voltage: 12v DC
  • Self-adhesive 3M VHB tape on rear

Case Study:
isGroup select SloanLED systems and built-up letters for Manchester Printworks


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