OLED Light Panels

The latest advancements in LED technology
OLED (organic light emitting diode) is available in both rigid and flexible options, presenting new opportunities for integrating light into objects, furniture, luminaires and interior schemes.
As a surface light source, OLED light panels have a completely flat and even light output with no glare, shadow or UV and emit blue light levels which are much lower than non-organic LEDs. The light produced by OLED panels has a spectral power distribution that is close to natural daylight, making the light panels ideal for places where natural light is limited. 
The OLED light panels feature an extremely slim profile, where the thickness of the panels adds virtually no depth to a design. The OLED panels are lightweight and cool running, ensuring the light panels are touchable as well as easy to handle and install. 
The flexible OLED is one of the most exciting advancements in modern lighting technology, where the light panel can be twisted into waving or coiled shapes and both flexible and rigid OLED panels are a light source with an almost invisible structure that is absorbed within the structures they inhabit, for seamless illumination. 
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Key Features

  • Available in flexible and rigid light panel options
  • Flat and even light output
  • No glare, shadow or UV
  • Super slim profile
  • Lightweight and cool running

Case Study:
A D Bell Sign Systems select built-up metal letters to create new signage for Leeds Beckett University


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