At Applelec, we pride ourselves on the service we offer at all stages of your dialogue with us. We recognise that complex projects demand more detailed scrutiny and our technical support service has evolved over the years to reflect this need.

Signage & Display

Our business development manager, Andy Armitage, has over 17 years experience in customer facing roles in the sign and digital industries. Andy is available for consultations in the field, at client sites or at our offices in Bradford where visitors will be shown around our impressive manufacturing facilities. Extending a warm welcome and with a wealth of industry knowledge, Andy provides technical support for large scale or complex sign projects and national roll outs. Andy can be contacted on +44 (0) 7702 796 165 or at


Dave Moore, Applelec's senior projects manager, specialises in our versatile flat lighting unit, LED Light Sheet, and its accompanying products. This multipurpose LED light source has been integrated into projects spanning an array of industry challenges. A thorough understanding of the technical construction of the product and its capabilities is advised to ensure optimum results are achieved; and with over 10 years' experience in LED specification, Dave Moore is an authority. Dave can be contacted on +44 (0) 1274 768 345 or at, alternatively meetings can be arranged at our showroom in Bradford.

Electrical Department

Applelec's electrical department consists of two full time electricians with responsibility for programming and complex wiring or power arrangements. From dmx sequencing for dimmable and colour-changing LED projects, to power box systems for multiple unit jobs, Applelec is equipped to manage the increasingly sophisticated programming demands of our client's projects. Currently involved in projects with sensory and touch activation, the electrical team constantly leads product innovation. Based at our research and development workshop, the electrical team are frequently involved in project consultations and for complicated installations, Applelec offers a confidential onsite programming service for our clients.

Design Service

Our design service has grown according to demand over recent years and currently means we are able to complement our client's project designs with the creation of concept drawings to show how our products may be integrated within wider systems. Whilst Applelec doesn't offer a design consultation service, we are able to provide design support and advice to clients working with our products, particularly LED Light Sheet. When a project requires additional design support, Applelec will make the appropriate recommendations to enable our clients to successfully achieve their project objectives.


Case Study:
Interior signage by New Vision Signs featuring Applelec's flat cut letters


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