Illuminated Letters: Rim & Return

Illuminated Rim & Return Letters, providing definition and distinction 

Applelec manufacture and supply illuminated rim & return letters complete with white, coloured or colour-changing high brightness LEDs for face illumination. These built-up letters are crafted with an acrylic illuminated face which is surrounded by the neat, visible keyline trim of the metal.  

Rim & Return letters are fitted with the appropriate LED modules for their size and shape. From small letters or those with a narrow stroke width to large scale letters standing at one metre or more in height, Applelec signage experts can advise how to best achieve your desired impact.

All LED modules used by Applelec are tested by our electricians with a range of acrylics, letter depths and sizes to ensure we calculate the appropriate number of modules needed to create bright, evenly illuminated letter faces. Energy efficiency is inherent to all our LED systems, with some modules, such as our SloanLED meeting the qualifying criteria of the UK Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances Energy Scheme to deliver end user tax incentives for new and retrofit signage projects.

Once constructed, our Rim & Return illuminated letters can be secured to a sign tray panel or other fixing system or supplied individually for mounting as required.

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