LED Modules

Our versatile range of white LEDs and colour changing LED modules accommodate a variety of lettering, signage, display and architectural LED lighting projects.

Applelec’s LED module range is routinely upgraded and improved and with in-house testing and programming, our LED signage and LED lettering is continually evaluated to ensure we supply the most advanced and energy efficient products available.

LED modules are energy efficient and provide longevity not matched by other illumination systems. With these benefits and ease of installation, LEDs are widely used for new signage and retrofitting existing sign installations. In fact, LED letters and LED sign tray panels created in RGB LED or with white modules have steadily been replacing fluorescent systems over recent years.

Modules in our LED range feature warranties of between five and two years when used with the specified power supplies and can be purchased as kit form LEDs or used in the creation of illuminated channel letters and illuminated signage such as illuminated fascia signs, illuminated hanging signs, illuminated projecting signs and illuminated totems and monoliths.

A number of white LED modules stocked by Applelec, including the SloanLED V180 mini and the Super Orbis LED module meet the qualifying criteria of the UK Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) Energy Scheme to deliver end user tax incentives for new and retrofit signage projects. Applelec offers advice on the ECA Scheme and offers luminance readings for council planning applications.

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