Micro-SignLED LEDs

Ideal for face and halo LED illumination in the smallest letters

The smallest illuminated letters created by Applelec are fitted with our Micro-SignLED LEDs. Providing a compact, low profile system, the LEDs are particularly suited to letters with a small stoke width, such as 20mm and under.

Fully sealed, Micro-SignLEDs are weather resistant with an IP67 rating, making them suitable for interior and exterior signage applications. The LEDs are a cost effective module supplied with a two year warranty when used with our approved power supply.

Available in white, red, blue, green and amber, the LED can create illumination in a variety of different colours and by adding a controller, the modules may be dimmed. Installation is straightforward as each LED module features a self-adhesive, peel n’ stick backing.

As with all LED modules supplied by Applelec, Micro-SignLEDs can be purchased in kit form or employed in the creation of illuminated signage and lettering constructed by Applelec.

Applelec’s LED experts can provide full details on the most appropriate LED system to select for any project and can provide cost comparisons to other systems where appropriate.

For further information on Micro-SignLED LEDs or any other product please get in touch.

Key Features

  • Halo and face LED illumination
  • Ideal for small stroke width letters and light boxes
  • Power supply: 12v DC
  • 2 year warranty when used with approved power supply

Case Study:
Newman Displays have retrofitted exterior signage and lightboxes at The Prince of Wales Theatre with LED Light Sheet


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