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Company Update | The new era of Applelec

Applelec Sign Components, the Bradford-based architectural lighting and trade signage manufacturer, announces that it has become an employee-owned business. Founded by Ian Drinkwater and Paul Stothers, Applelec has grown to become one of the UK’s leading providers of bespoke Signage and Architectural Lighting solutions.

Solder sleeves now supplied by Applelec

Solder sleeves are now available from Applelec in packs of 1000. Consisting of a transparent, heat shrinkable sleeve and fluxed solder, coloured hot-melting glue is applied to each end of the sleeve.

The display frame has evolved with the introduction of the sophisticated I-Sign system, available exclusively from Applelec.

Applelec is pleased to announce the next generation of LED Light Sheet has arrived with the launch of the 20% brighter Series 2 panels.

Mondo Arc - Seeing the Light

LED Light Sheet has transformed Durham Cathedral's retail space helping to achieve a huge increase in sales featured in Mondo Arc Magazine.

FX - January 2013

Surface Design Show preview includes LED Light Sheet as featured in FX Magazine.

DARC - 100% Design

LED Light Sheet installation 'Collider' marks the entrance tunnel of 100% Design show featured in DARC Magazine.

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