NFC Smart Poster Cases

The new and revolutionary smart poster system for enhanced customer engagement

The smart poster case is designed to deliver enhanced customer engagement through close proximity marketing using NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR Codes.

Sounds complicated? In fact, NFC is already simplifying our lives as the enabling system for the mobile wallet. The system works when two devices with NFC chips are brought into close proximity to each other, around 4cm, and are then able to communicate with each other. Along with transactions, data exchange such as advertising and marketing messages can be transmitted by the system.

Indeed, this groundbreaking technology is providing new proximity marketing opportunities for brand owners, campaign managers, retailers and other advertisers as Enlighten smart posters can send tailored, relevant information to a smart phone handset in seconds.

The system will initially be used primarily for QR campaigns while NFC enabled smart phones become more widely available in the UK, however all poster frames created are NFC enabled and future-proof.

The smart poster frame is designed to display back-lit media and is constructed in acrylic made to look and feel like glass. Each frame is illuminated by Applelec’s LED Light Sheet, a patent-protected light source that delivers homogeneous illumination.

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Applelec's LED Light Sheet used in NFC Smart Poster Cases holds the following certifications:

Key Features

  • Marketing messages sent straight to smart phones
  • Stylish, contemporary frame design
  • Frames available in A-series sizes
  • Choose from standard colours or create a bespoke design

Case Study:
isGroup select SloanLED systems and built-up letters for Manchester Printworks


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