LED Light Sheet Letters

Energy efficient, 8mm thick LED illuminated letters and logos

Applelec’s LED Light Sheet letters are fully tested, CE and RoHS marked products with a three year warranty and are constructed in our UK factories.

Letters with cool or warm white illumination or with colour-changing properties are all available and at just 8-10mm in depth, the letters can illuminate super slim built-up metal letters in a range of sizes and styles. Suitable for interior signage applications and branding, the letters are bright, powerful and constructed to last.

In our patent protected process, light reflective acrylic is embedded with thermally managed LEDs to create a robust and easy to install letter. Each acrylic letter is etched with our unique grid pattern that transports light from the embedded LEDs across the entire surface of the letter to deliver bright, even illumination with no spotting or dark patches.

All electrical products sold in the UK must be CE marked to ensure they meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements and with Applelec’s LED Light Sheet this and many other global safety marks have been acquired. In addition to the CE mark, Applelec’s LED Light Sheet carries the RoHS mark which indicates the product does not contain more than the agreed level of certain hazardous substances including lead, cadmium and mercury.

The restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment was transposed into UK law on 2 January 2013. To find out more about these restrictions you can visit the UK Government's National Measurment Office website by clicking here.

Applelec’s LED Light Sheet letters carry the following marks:

For further information on LED Light Sheet please visit the website www.ledlightsheet.co.uk or get in touch.

Key Features

  • Any shape, logo or letter possible
  • CE, RoHS and many other global safety marks
  • Bright, evenly lit, energy efficient letters
  • Interior applications
  • 3 year warranty

Case Study:
MK UK select Applelec's illuminated signage for the National Media Museum


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