SloanLED LED Systems

The SloanLED Border System range comprises of SloanLED FlexiBRITE and SloanLED LEDStripe. The premium quality of the embedded SloanLED LED modules creates lighting solutions that deliver power illumination for a variety of complimentary architectural light features such as path and contour marking, accent lighting, perimeter lighting, pelmet lighting, cove lighting and under counter lighting.
Providing an alternative to traditional glass neon systems, the highly flexible SloanLED FlexiBRITE boasts a two way bending direction, where the LED system can be easily manipulated and curved by hand on site for added convenience. The highly flexible LED tube system is available in a wide range of LED colour options to create striking perimeter illumination or for shaping to create unusual lighting features. 
SloanLED’s LEDStripe is an adaptable, linear tubing product that is illuminated by powerful LED modules to create dramatic canopy, border and contour lighting. LED Stripe’s acrylic tubing is available in a range of colour options, providing daytime colour when the LED system is not illuminated.
Both LED systems carry an IP66 protection class making them suitable for external applications. 

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