TEXA Frame

TEXA Frame is a new textile frame system that makes the installation of printed textile graphics fast and efficient. 

Designed to display flex-face prints, the system can be used for non-illuminated installations or fabric lightboxes, with the addition of LED illumination. Double-sided and single-sided frames can both be created using different profiles from the TEXA Frame range, up to a maximum width of 3000mm. 

Featuring a range of extruded aluminium profiles, designed to accommodate different material thicknesses and LED illumination options. The system includes accessories to enable wall mounted, freestanding and suspended textile frames to be created. 

TEXA Frame has been designed to provide straightforward installation of printed textile graphics and future updates. Each printed textile fabric requires a silicone beading to be added to its outer edges, which slots into a channel in the aluminium frame. The silicone is simply pressed into the frame which secures the slightly stretched fabric into position.  

To create a fabric lightbox, SloanLED PosterBOX 3 modules available from Applelec, provide an illumination solution for both single and double-sided installations. Just two rows of facing modules are required along the top and bottom edges of the TEXA Frame to deliver bright and even illumination. 

TEXA Frame is ideal for retail and leisure environments, commercial and exhibition displays. 

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Credits: Images courtesy of Nebula Creative (first direct arena).


Key Features

  • Easy to change graphics
  • Illuminated and non-illuminated options
  • Seamless printing up to 3m wide
  • Single and double-sided profiles available
  • Wall mountable or freestanding

Case Study:
LE Graphics design striking bar sign for entertainment venue, The Bush


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