Display Frames

Non-illuminated display frames and poster cases or wall mounted frames are now available in an elegant off the shelf product from Applelec.

The I-Sign range has been designed for interior systems and features wall mounted display frames complimented by projecting signs, hanging signs, door plates and a desk or table stand. Ideal for directory systems, wayfinding systems, interior branding and for the display of print and graphic advertisements, the I-Sign system is sophisticated and uniform.

A full range of A-series wall mounted display frames are included in the range which includes A6, A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1 poster cases and a number of additional frame dimensions. The smallest wall mounted frame is just 57.5mm x 152mm making it ideal for door descriptions.

Coordinated projecting signs are available in three sizes up to a maximum A4 size in portrait or landscape options. Hanging signs or suspended signs are available in a choice of four widths each with two height options.

Providing an alternative wall mounted display system for the display of posters and graphics, I-Sign offers a sophisticated alternative to the snap frame.

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