Illuminated Letters: Block Acrylic

Built up letters, expertly crafted from acrylic by Applelec’s letter team

Built-up letters are constructed from acrylic by our letter fabrication team who fuse new technologies with time-honoured techniques we’re proud of.

Router or laser cut, depending on material choice and its thickness, flat acrylic face and return parts are individually assembled to create each built-up letter. Where the face meets the return, a two part solvent and gluing process produces lasting durability and strength. Curves are created with traditional heat forming processes whilst illumination can be selected from our stocked range of energy efficient LED modules.

Various 3D letter designs can be constructed by our fabrication team including flat faced, push through, beaded or bevelled styles and we welcome the opportunity to try something new. From giant sign letters which are perfect for visual merchandising systems to our smallest letters, constructed at just 150mm in height and with 15mm returns, all our built up letters are hand finished to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Applelec source a wide range of acrylic colours from well-known brands including Perspex and Plexiglass in the construction of our built-up letters. Distinctive effects such as frosted, fluorescent, pearl and metallic acrylics are all available and to meet the exacting requirements of our customers, specialist acrylics can be sourced from manufactures including Repsol, Alutuglas, Madraperla and Setacryl.

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