SloanLED LED Modules

As an exclusive SloanLED UK distributor, the full range of LED systems from SloanLED for signage and architectural lighting is now available from Applelec.

Founded in America in 1957, SloanLED has been creating lighting systems for 60 years and were leaders in the advance of LED technology in the early 1970s. The quality, brightness and efficiency of SloanLED's products along with their industry leading five year warranties make SloanLED systems a superior choice for a wide range of signage, display and architectural lighting projects.

Applelec supplies SloanLED modules and linear LED products in the UK in kit form, allowing clients to purchase individual modules or multiple cartons of LEDs according to their needs. This flexibility has been designed to offer as much support to companies of all sizes across the sign and display industries. 

Applelec holds large quantities of SloanLED products in stock from LED modules and linear LED systems to SloanLED power supplies. The range includes LED modules designed specifically for the illumination of built-up letters, light boxes, and fabricated signage such as the revolutionary new SloanLED Prism LEDs, delivering the brightest lighting option in their class.

For flex face light boxes, SloanLED PosterBOX 3 modules, are another new release from SloanLED and are now available from Applelec along with the bright and efficient SloanLED SignBOX 3 LED modules and SloanLED VL Plus 3 LED modules.  

Applelec's focus on energy efficient LED signage means every SloanLED quote we produce features a calculation of the sign's projected energy use as standard.

Visit the SloanLED website to learn more about the company's history.

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