Display Fixings

With a wide choice of well-designed components, Display Fixings from Applelec include wall mounted panel supports and suspended cable and rod systems that provide almost limitless design variations.

Wall mounted panel supports create clean installation of display panels that conceal the appearance of fixings. Mount button fixings can secure panels flush to the wall or have the option to stand-off using spacers. Other stand-off options can be achieved using through-hole panel supports, wall panel grips and side grip panel supports.

Typically used for point of sale displays and internal wayfinding, the alternative suspended cable and rod systems provide a range of display options including floor to ceiling, stood off from the wall or simply hanging. Making a bold aesthetic statement, rod systems provide a more robust alternative to cables allowing them to accommodate for horizontal displays.

Applelec’s Display Fixings can used in conjunction with our range of display frame products or, with the ability to run an electrical charge through cables and rods, illuminated displays can be created using our LED Linear Lights and LED Light Boxes range. Internal wayfinding and point of sale displays often require frequent modifications so the range provides easily updated systems with products which can be used time and time again.


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