Connect Wiring System

A compact, smart and easy to use wiring solution for Applelec light products

Connect is a small, power-to-luminaire system which delivers a compact and easy to install interconnecting wiring solution. The system can be used for simple or complex wiring solutions and features a range of white wires and component parts that connect and disconnect with ease. Robust yet incredibly slim, the standard 7.5mm male connector can easily fit through an 8mm opening compared to other connectors which require much larger spaces.

Each Applelec product, including LED Light Sheet and Aura Linear profiles, wired with the Connect system feature a 300mm lead fitted with a male connector. A 1200mm lead with a female connector extends to a power supply or is supplied with a bare-end wire to create a standard wire length of 1500mm. Extension wires in a choice of 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm lengths can be added between the product and its power supply to a maximum length of 5000mm (up to 5A). All cables are BASEC and UKAS approved.

An inventive selection of splitters ensures the Connect wiring system is highly flexible and these include a T-splitter, 2-way connector and 6-way connector. The versatile T-Splitter can be attached to any wire, anywhere in the system (subject to calculated power travelling to existing wired lighting units) to create a ‘branch’ which feeds a newly added lighting unit.

Using a simple plug-and-play principle, Connect from Applelec is easy to use, install and adjust.

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Key Features

  • White cables and connectors
  • Compact 7.5mm male connector
  • 5000mm in one wiring run
  • T-splitter, 2-way and 6-way connectors
  • 3 year warranty

Case Study:
Imageco appoint Applelec to create large format, illuminated metal letters


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