SloanLED PosterBOX Mini LED module

SloanLED’s PosterBOX Mini is a cost effective and powerful LED module. An edge-lit, lighting solution for lightbox applications, the LED system can be integrated in 50mm depths. 
Unrivalled in its construction, SloanLED’s PosterBOX Mini features Fanflare technology which allows light to fan in front of the module in a narrow beam, causing light to bounce around the lightbox and skim the surface of the graphics, for complete uniformed illumination.
Featuring adjustable module spacing, the LED system offers a project specific solution to utilise as many or as few LED modules as required. SloanLED’s PosterBOX Mini LEDs holds an IP66 protection rating making the lighting system ideal for internal and external applications and is available in 6500K.
There is no substitute for quality
Other LED manufacturers user cheaper components and maximise the potential brightness of their products at the expense of longevity, overdriving the LEDs for instant gratification, while sacrificing sustainability and endurance. SloanLED uses the highest calibre components in order to offer a superior product with the longest lifespan.
Applelec is the exclusive UK distributor for SloanLED, for further information on SloanLED PosterBOX Mini LED modules or any other product please get in touch.

Key Features

  • Featuring an IP66 protection rating
  • 10 year warranty on parts and labour
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Designed with FanFlare technology for optimal brightness
  • Features adjustable LED module spacing

Case Study:
Newman Displays have retrofitted exterior signage and lightboxes at The Prince of Wales Theatre with LED Light Sheet


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