Lighting Accessories

A range of lighting accessories have been developed for Applelec’s lighting products that provide power management, high performance wiring solutions and portable batteries for power on the go.

Applelec’s Powerboxes are primarily used for large scale LED Light Sheet or LED Ribbon Light projects where multiple lighting units can be managed effectively by the box whilst reducing wiring onsite. Powerboxes are available in 300W, 240W, 216W and 180W and each feature fused 60W (5A) outlets.

For interior products using LED Light Sheet, Aura Linear, LED Sabre Light and LED Ribbon Light our Connect wiring system is now supplied as standard. This smart looking system features white cables and a range of connectors that provide maximum flexibility. 60W, 30W and 15W power supplies are available for use with the wiring system, or for systems that require power management, our Powerboxes are suitable for use with Connect.

For temporary installations or to power systems in locations without access to power, a range of portable, rechargeable batteries is available. With a choice of 4Ah, 8Ah, 10Ah, 14Ah and 22Ah sizes, the batteries are fully waterproof and lightweight.

Our range of lighting accessories is completed with small components such as Solder Sleeves which are available in four different sizes in bags of 1000.

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