As a company operating in a sector with high material waste, we're committed to minimising our impact on the environment.

The acrylic waste created in our manufacture of LED Light Sheet and sign letters is recycled by Sibani Eco Plastics Ltd. At the company's plant, acrylic is broken down by a reactor into its natural monomer and then distilled until a minimum purity level of 98.9% of MMA is recovered. The regenerated monomer is mostly used for Acrylic paint and to a lesser extent it is cast back into sheet form.

All waste cardboard is recycled by Green Solutions, in partnership with Bradford College. The scheme was established in 2005 and supports businesses in Bradford with responsible recycling. Similarly, metal waste is sold to a number of local recycling schemes whilst office paper waste is shredded and used within our product packaging.

Through education and technological advancements, the vast majority of our clients now choose energy efficient LED systems over fluorescent tubes to illuminate their signage and display systems.

Along with LED Light Sheet, we stock numerous LED modules that are suitable for creating new or retrofitting signage and display systems which meet the qualifying criteria of the UK Government's Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) Energy Scheme. Moreover, the LEDs in many of our products can be replaced once they reach the end of their lifecycle, providing even greater longevity to our products.

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Case Study:
Applelec and Vinyline deliver stadium sized illuminated signage in record time


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