To demonstrate our letter making machinery, we’ve created these short videos. Take a look at the latest footage from our factory floor: 

Samson - Laser Welder Demonstration

Located in our newly opened signage factory is our laser welder, named Samson, which rapidly creates exceptionally strong (get it!) letters. Used to construct stainless steel built-up letters, Samson fuses together letter faces to returns to create far more durable letters than those produced by hand soldering techniques. The fused metal seam is so robust it can withstand powder coating processes up to temperatures of 170˚-190˚.

Delilah - Return Shaper Demonstration

Another killer piece of kit in our new factory is an automated return shaper known affectionately as Delilah. This letter making machine shapes returns for built-up letters from coiled metal such as brushed or descaled stainless steel and aluminium. Taking a matter of seconds to form each letter return, Delilah speeds up our letter production no end.


Case Study:
All Round Signs provide low maintenance signage for BSW Timber Group with Applelec's LED systems


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