Fabricated Totems & Monoliths

Totems and monoliths deliver distinctive architectural signage

Totems and monoliths are used to create high profile identity and directional pylon signage for retail parks, landmarks, vehicle showrooms, supermarkets, petrol stations, leisure centres and other facilities typically accommodated across a large site.

Applelec’s fabricated totems and monoliths are substantial freestanding systems which are tall and slim in design. The size and structure of the signage ensures it is easily visible from within a vehicle and as such these systems are often positioned at building or park entrances and along road edges where the shop or service front may be some way away or not visible at all.

In fabrication, a variety of styles and techniques from flat faced trays to curved faces are used to create durable signage which can withstand severe weather conditions. Aluminium painted are our most popular totems with brushed, polished and painted stainless steel also available with illumination available from a choice of fluorescent tubes, LED modules or our own light panel, LED Light Sheet.

Applelec’s advisors have a wealth of experience in the manufacture of totem and monolith systems and will advise on the most appropriate fixing method for these tall and heavy systems. From fixing cages to base plates to extended.

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Credits: Images courtesy of Taylor Signs (The Cathedral Church of St Anne), Harrison Signs (Rhodar), Morgan Signs Cardiff (Chapter) and Allen Signs (Think Tank).

Key Features

  • High visibility identity and directional pylon signage
  • Substantial systems for facilities across large sites
  • Created to customer specification
  • Durable and able to withstand severe weather
  • Illuminated by fluorescent tubes, LED modules or LED Light Sheet

Case Study:
Interior signage by New Vision Signs featuring Applelec's flat cut letters


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