Light Boxes

Light boxes create fascia signage with illumination choices to suit every budget

Light boxes fabricated for shop front signs are illuminated by a choice of fluorescent tubes, LED modules or our own patented lighting unit, LED Light Sheet.

Applelec’s light boxes are widely used for retail fascia signage with fabrication taking place in our new signage factory. Here, the most detailed material cutting and folding is managed by our production team using a press break. Many light boxes are stencil cut and backed with coloured acrylic which is then illuminated by a chosen light source fitted within the light box. Following this, further construction choices are incredibly varied and include inlaid flush fitted lettering, inlaid protruding flat cut letters at 5mm to 10mm thick and built-up acrylic letters pushed through the fret cut fascia to a desired depth.

Applelec’s extensive range of LED systems provide illumination for light boxes of varying depths and our team will advise on the most cost effective solution for each project. Fluorescent tubes are available and energy comparisons between these two types of systems can be provided by our sales team if required.

For very slim light boxes, we recommend our 8mm thick lighting unit LED Light Sheet which is used to create sleek, modern light boxes with a minimum depth of just 30mm.

Many LED systems, including LED Light Sheet, used to provide illumination in our light boxes are highly energy efficient systems which meet the qualifying criteria of the UK Government’s ECA Energy Scheme. For further information on the scheme and to find out more about this product please get in touch.

For further information on Light Boxes or any other product please get in touch.

Credits: Images courtesy of Signs Express Reading (SMG).

Key Features

  • Light boxes perfect for shop fascia signage
  • Created to customer specification
  • Illuminated by fluorescent tubes, LED modules or LED Light Sheet
  • Use LED Light Sheet to achieve 30mm depth
  • Select from range of energy efficient LED Modules

Case Study:
Halo lit LED signage selected by M4 UK for Chesterfield College


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