Hanging Signs

Single or double sided hanging shop front signs fabricated by Applelec

Hanging signs are selected for both directional signs and to enhance shop front signage by improving visibility and providing information.

Hanging signs from Applelec's range of fabricated signs employ a variety of detailed material cutting and folding techniques to create suspended signs according to designs provided by our customers. As directional signage, our hanging signs have been selected for transport hubs such as airports or train stations and buildings including hospitals and colleges where they are commonly fixed to ceilings to improve building navigation. As shop and service signage, hanging signs can be used internally or externally and are fabricated accordingly.

Illumination can be added to our hanging signs by choosing fluorescent tubes, LED modules or Applelec’s 8mm thick light panel, LED Light Sheet; the latter light source is used to create a 60mm deep double sided illuminated hanging sign.

A variety of fixing systems for hanging signs are available from Applelec including weight calculated wall plates. Alternatively, simple hanging signs are often hung from decorative brackets fixed to a wall, particularly by businesses such as pubs, coffee shops and cafes looking to create traditional, period style signage.

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Key Features

  • Ideal for directional or identity signage
  • Increase street level visibility for shops and services
  • Created to customer specification
  • Illuminated by fluorescent tubes, LED modules or LED Light Sheet
  • Super slim 60mm deep double sided illuminated signs

Case Study:
Aerotron take flight with corporate signage by FASTSIGNS Crawley and Applelec


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