Etched & Ink Filled Plates

High quality etched and ink filled nameplates in a choice of materials

Etched or engraved nameplates are used to create subtle, understated interior or exterior identity signage for offices and company facilities.

Etched plates are primarily chosen by the legal and medical professions or hotel and restaurant trades looking for a discreet business identifier or to provide important information, such as the number of stars awarded a hotel or the licensee of a restaurant. Internally, etched nameplates are selected to provide information.

Applelec’s label and name plates are created individually to bespoke specification. With a high quality finish, nameplates are created in stainless steel, brass, copper and titanium with a range of optional finishes. The plate is then etched (except titanium) and can be ink filled to highlight the area of the etching (emboss acid etching) or the area around the etching (deboss acid etching) in a variety of colours to match corporate identity.

Once created our plates may be fitted directly to the wall or other designated surface or fitted to a wooden mount. For external positioning, two or four fixing holes are created on each plate whilst for internal applications a strong double sided tape can be used to mount the plate.

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Key Features

  • Etched plates created to customer specification
  • Colour ink fill to match corporate identity
  • Nameplates in stainless steel, brass, copper and titanium
  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Selected by the legal, medical and hospitality industries

Case Study:
MK UK select Applelec's illuminated signage for the National Media Museum


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