LED Light Sheet

A sheet of brilliant light. Where will you use it?

Manufactured in the UK by Applelec to bespoke requirements, LED Light Sheet is a versatile backlighting unit which delivers bright, even illumination suitable for a variety of applications. Featuring a slim profile of 6mm or 8mm, our LED light panels can be employed within retail display systems, used to create a dramatic wall of light or to illuminate surface materials such as decorative glass and graphics.

LED Light Sheet is a space saving solution for fascia signage where it eliminates the need for a built-up metal back tray that would usually house fluorescent tubes - reducing the bulkiness of the sign and the cost of the tray. LED Light Sheet reduces sign depth from 100mm to 30mm as the light panel is mounted directly behind the acrylic backing-sheet. Top and bottom aluminium angle fixing rails are used to mount the tray to the wall similar to conventional sign trays.

Using patented 3D V-cutting technology, a clear PMMA acrylic is etched with a uniform matrix and cut to a specified shape and size. Thermally managed LEDs in a range of Kelvin colour temperatures or with RGB colour-changing properties are then securely embedded into the sheet in a second patented technique which ensures the unit is robustly constructed and runs cool to the touch. The etched matrix acts as a vehicle to transport light from the LEDs across the surface of the panel to deliver homogeneous illumination. LED Light Sheet can be created to suit internal or external installations and fitted with lighting controllers to comply with the aesthetic requirements of each project.

Aiding clients in the specification of this bespoke product, our creative team routinely devise solutions to complex design and installation requirements. We have worked with lighting design studios, retail, hospitality and museum design teams, interior designers and architects to create illuminated features which have won industry praise and a coveted Lux Award.

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Key Features

  • 5300K LED Light Sheet is now 20% brighter
  • UK manufacture of any shape to 1.5x3m
  • Large range of Kelvin colour temperature or RGB LEDs
  • IP67 rating available for exterior applications
  • 3 year warranty on all LED Light Sheet panels

Case Study:
A D Bell Sign Systems select built-up metal letters to create new signage for Leeds Beckett University


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