SloanLED Prism LED modules

SloanLED's Prism modules feature a completely new perspective on LED technology which maximises light output to achieve brighter and more efficient lighting for both channel letters and light boxes.

Designed for the illumination of built-up letters and light boxes, SloanLED's Prism LED modules are recommended for use in applications with an optimal depth range between 75mm to 200mm. With a power consumption of just 1.12W per module, SloanLED's Prism is available in 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K and 7100K. Prism Colours are available in red, orange, green and blue and are highly energy efficient to run, consuming 0.72W per module. 


The module range is also available in Mini and High Output options to further facilitate individual project requirements. SloanLED Prism Mini is available in 6500K colour temperature and at just 25x18x11mm in size, provides bright illumination to tight spaces. Delivering a dazzling 180 lumens per module, SloanLED Prism high Output is the brightest lighting option in its class and is available in 6500K and 5000K colour temperatures.

The LED module range from SloanLED feature the Prism 24V series option, in a cool 6500K colour temperature. Delivering an impressive 180 lumens per module, SloanLED Prism 24V module can be integrated into depths of 125 - 300mm.

What makes SloanLED Prism modules so bright and efficient?

Prism has been designed to utilise the very latest high brightness LED technology. Prism lenses feature micro prism technology which eliminates light ring effect that for years has plagued standard issue batwing lens products. 

Particularly at shallower depths, previous generations of batwing type lens modules had to work with reduced light output and use significant levels of lens frosting to soften the rings of light created by the lens. By comparison SloanLED Prism technology uses optically clear lenses meaning more of the light leaves the product, leading to greater efficiency and a wider distribution of light.

The Prism lenses are so advanced that despite the product's increased light output they still work effectively at shallower letter and light box depths. Prism's versatility is unprecedented and it is quickly becoming the house modules for many sign shops thanks to its ability to work effectively across a wide range of depths and applications.

This new perspective in optical lens technology leads to either an increase in the brightness of the sign or the ability to greatly reduce the number of modules to match the illumination levels of older generation products. 

Furthermore, Prism can reduce the installation times meaning signs are not only brighter and more efficient but quicker and easier to assemble. Prism truly is reimagined lens technology.

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Key Features

  • Brightest lighting option in its class
  • Wide, even distribution of light
  • Versatility for use across wide range of applications and depths (optimally between 75-200mm deep)
  • IP66 protection class
  • 10 year warranty on parts and labour

Case Study:
isGroup select SloanLED systems and built-up letters for Manchester Printworks


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