Metal Sign Tray Panels

Metal sign tray panels in any shape you choose

From flat faced styles and panels with a curved profile to shaped or circular designs, Applelec’s metal sign tray panels are all created to customer specification.

Sign tray panels, also known as biscuit tin lids or back trays, are used in the construction of shop front signage and are created in Applelec’s new signage factory by our skilled production team. With metal sheet of various thicknesses cut on our guillotines, our team fold and shape the sheet to create a durable sign tray panel.

Once assembled, detail in the form of built-up or flat cut letters and vinyl graphics are added to the sign tray panel to create versatile shop fascia units. To reflect company branding, the sign panels are painted in any RAL or BS colour or can be wrapped in printed vinyl. As with many products, Applelec can simply construct the sign tray panel ready for customers to complete with lettering and graphics or a fully finished fascia sign that’s ready to install.

To add illumination to any sign tray panel, Applelec manufacture a slim LED trough light which is fixed above the installed sign. With a 28mm diameter the trough light is discrete and can be powder coated to match the colour of the sign tray panel.

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Credits: Images courtesy of Blue Dot Display (Rock N Rolla).

Key Features

  • Metal sign tray panels for fascia shop signage
  • Variety of shapes and curved profiles available
  • Add built-up or flat cut letters and vinyl graphics
  • Created to customer specification
  • Slim LED trough lights add illumination

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