Extruded Totems

Eye catching identity signage is achieved with this flexible modular TOTEM system

TOTEM is an extruded aluminium profile range designed for straightforward interior and exterior totem construction. The profiles are available individually or in bulk linear lengths and can be used by Applelec to construct cost effective totem and monolith signage.

The range is ideal for identity and directional signage for retail and leisure parks, vehicle showrooms, corporate identity signage, site maps and information signage. Featuring a durable construction which can withstand severe weather conditions, the TOTEM profile range can produce totem signage up to an impressive height of six metres.

TOTEM consists of a simple range of aluminium profiles, which includes one basic profile and three decorative cover profiles. To construct a totem sign using the system, a set of basic profiles are mounted around an aluminium or steel frame. A choice of rectangular, elliptical or rounded decorative cover profiles are then fixed to the interior profiles. By using square or rectangular box sections with different dimensions and wall thicknesses, it is possible to create totems with variable depths in standard increments of 100, 150 or 200mm with the same basic profile.

Construction flexibility ensures distinctive features may be added to each totem. Face illumination is achieved using fluorescent tubes, LED modules or Applelec’s LED Light Sheet, with side illumination is also possible. Face panels can be created in various materials to a maximum thickness of 3mm and can be lifted out to update graphics or replace any electrical components.

The TOTEM extrusion range delivers construction flexibility within a cost effective modular system to produce stylish and durable identity signage.

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Key Features

  • Flexible modular totem and monolith system
  • Variable depths of 10, 15 and 20cm possible
  • Maximum height of 6m
  • Suitable for interior and exterior locations
  • Profiles available individually or in bulk linear lengths

Case Study:
Aerotron take flight with corporate signage by FASTSIGNS Crawley and Applelec


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