SloanLED LEDStripe

SloanLED's LEDStripe is an adaptable, linear tubing product that is illuminated by powerful LED modules to create dramatic canopy and building lighting.

LEDStripe is a hardwearing LED system that consists of a high impact, durable acrylic which is UV resistant and non-fading. SloanLED's LEDStripe is CE and RoHS certified and carries an IP66 protection class, which enables the product to be installed in both internal and external applications.

SloanLED's LEDStripe is ideal for the creation of linear lighting features and can be shaped at 90° angles for canopy and perimeter contouring. An adaptable LED product, LEDStripe can be factory bent with a radial or flat bend to a radius of 305mm. In-field bends are 4.25m for radial bends and 5.8m for flat bends. The product provides ease of installation with the facility to cut LEDStipe's tubing and LED strips on site. Snap on, coloured joint and corner covers achieve a clean installation finish.

LEDStripe's acrylic tubing is available in a range of colour options, including red, orange, amber, green, blue, white (6500K) and lemon yellow. LED and tube colours match to provide daytime colour when the system is non-illuminated. The premium quality of SloanLED's modules means LEDStripe is highly energy efficient drawing just 5W per meter, without comprising LED brightness.

There is no substitute for quality
Other LED manufacturers user cheaper components and maximise the potential brightness of their products at the expense of longevity, overdriving the LEDs for instant gratification, while sacrificing sustainability and endurance. SloanLED uses the highest calibre components in order to offer a superior product with the longest lifespan.

Applelec is the exclusive UK distributor for SloanLED, for further information on SloanLED LEDStripe LED system or any other product please get in touch.

Key Features

  • Daytime colour when non-illuminated
  • Red, orange, amber, green, blue, white and lemon yellow options
  • Can be factory bent to a radius of 305mm
  • IP66 rated for outdoor use
  • 5 year warranty on parts and labour

Case Study:
Newman Displays have retrofitted exterior signage and lightboxes at The Prince of Wales Theatre with LED Light Sheet


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