Retro, fairground cabochon letters

For Applelec’s next Made in Britain instalment, we focused on the recent Roald Dahl Appreciation Day and to fit in with the British literature celebration, Applelec has fashioned a set of built-up metal letter book ends, which have been fitted with our range of cabochon LED bulbs.

Cabochon LED bulbs have increased in popularity in recent years particularly within the retail and leisure sectors. The versatile lettering can be used to recreate the retro look of vintage fairground lighting or achieve an industrial look by mounting the cabochon bulbs into distressed metal letters in unfinished cold rolled steel, all with the added benefits of long life and low energy LEDs.

Fairground Cabachon LED bulbs - Applelec Sign ComponentsAt 317mm high, our ‘A’ ‘Z’ book ends were integrated with the smaller 45mm diameter LED cabochon bulb option, to fit neatly within the built-up metal letters. To ensure the LED bulbs were evenly spaced, Applelec’s signage team advised on the most suitable font style to accommodate this.

Applelec’s range of LED cabochon bulbs consists of 12 colour options for the bulb lenses, in either warm or ice white LED colour temperatures. For Applelec’s built-up metal letter book ends, we opted for a clear lens with warm white LEDs, which once illuminated against the rich, red paint finish of the letters, created a dazzling result.

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